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enhance, empower & heal the woman inside 

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self love. chakra healing. hormone yoga.



weekly live yoga classes.  energy work & ayurveda.



menstrual magic.

sound. surf yoga. 

Align your energy, reconnect, feel, grow and shine from the inside to out. Balance your life. Balance your hormones. 

Bloom like the woman you are meant to be.

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Meet Tina Tara


I am an ayurveda &yoga health & life coach with focus on hormonal health..

 I support women in finding self- love and radiant wellness in order to take excellent care of themselves and their hormonal health.

My vision is to help women step into their full potential, balance their lifestyle to embrace their own love, beauty, fertility and claim their vision in a healthy grounded way.


I have studied work psychology with extensive focus on burnout, hormonal health, yoga, ayurveda and the healing art of energy work.

I have experienced the healing effect of yoga and ayurveda on minor to traumatic life experiences in my life and womb. It is my pleasure to empower you to do the same.

May love awaken in everyone.
Tina Tara

Sandy Beach

"Tina’s energy & yoga work transcends the physical, heals the soul, and clears the heart because she’s willing to go to the deepest depths with her clients. I tried to get pregnant for 2 years. After 2 month coaching with her, I  got pregnant."

“Tina works with heart and divine love. She brought my selflove back into my life, helped me to ignite the light in me, and guided me to step back onto my mat, as I was avoiding feeling myself in those times. Her sense to teach me in this traumatic time was just beyond special. Guided by her intuition, she always knew what I needed."

"Tina is the embodiment of pure love. She infuses that love into her finely-honed practice and I feel grounded, rejuvenated, and re-calibrated after every session with her."

What people are saying about Tina Tara...

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"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself."

Deepak Chopra

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